Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme - “Drink Your Territory and Be Healthy!”

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Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” will focus its symposium on the link between wine, territory and health with international papers.
The Symposium that as usual will close the 13° International Oenological Competition “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” will definitely deal with a relevant and innovative topic.
The program of the symposium that will take place on Saturday 21st October 2017 at 9 am in the Mosaic Room of Bergamo Chamber of Commerce includes five international papers focusing on the deep link between wine, territory and health.
Professor Rachel Radmilli from the Anthropology Department of the University of Malta will introduce the public to the subject matter with a paper about “Wine: Negotiating the gap between nature and culture”.
Following there will be an innovative point of view about the relationship between wine and health: “Xenohormesis and other benefits of eating local” by Professor Kevin Schembri of the Genetics Department of Cell signaling of the University of Malta.
"Terroir bionome and human bionome interactions: a plus for health ?" is the title chosen by Professor Pierre Courjault-Radé of CNRS, the Environmental GeoScience Departement of Universtity of Toulouse.
Gian Paolo Braceschi of Centro Studi Assaggiatori Brescia will talk about “How to measure the sensorial coherence of wines with their territories” giving to the audience the interesting point of view of sensorial analysis on the matter.
Andrea Casadei of Grow The Planet will present the project Valcalepio Wine Ambassador.
Following all these papers Professor Mario Fregoni will honor the audience with the official preview of his new book “Native American and Asian Vines. A Guide to Rootstocks and Varieties”.
In the end the awarded wines of the 13° ° International Oenological Competition “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” will be announced.
The event is open for free to the public. To stay up to date with the competition just follow our official hashtag #emozionidalmondo or visit www.emozionidalmondo.it
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