wine of bergamaschi

Safeguarded wines

since its foundation in 1974 consorzio tutela valcalepio safeguard and promote the wine of bergamo. We take care of the first DOC in Bergamo history, Valcalepio DOC, and of the newborn DOC in Bergamo, Terre del Colleoni DOC. Also IGT Bergamasca is protected by Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio.

Our territory:

Valcalepio production area

Valcalepio wineries

Producers are the main character of valcalepio. They bring forward the tradition and good name of vine growing and wine production in Bergamo under a unique emblem, that of conqueror Bartolomeo Colleoni (symbol of Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio).

The hospitality

in Valcalepio

The book

“C’era una volta in Valcalepio”
Here we have a 56-pages history that explains through images what often would take hours and hours of discussions, explanations and tastings. It quickly and easily introduces the usually complicated and unappealing concepts that most of the time keep the consumers back.
Libro Valcalepio il Vino dei Bergamaschi

Events & news

Events, curiosities and save the dates about what’s new in valcalepio to know always something more about the garden of bergamo and the wine of bergamaschi.