“Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” Symposium will focus on Territory and Health

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The technical-scientific symposium at the end of the 13th International Oenological Competition “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” is scheduled for Saturday 21st October 2017 in the traditional location of Mosaic Room in Bergamo Chamber of Commerce.

The focus of the symposium, on the other end, is going to be exceptionally untraditional.

Speakers from all over the world will talk about their experiences at different latitudes on the matters of the link between Territory and Health.

Drink your Territory and Be Healthy, here is the title Vignaioli Bergamasca s.c.a and Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio chose for the most relevant moment of the 13 years old international kermesse born and bred in Bergamo.

Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” symposium is one of the most innovative creation of Valcalepio.

We love to underline the fact that “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” was the first International Oenological Competition to host a technical- scientific symposium with international speakers in its program since the very first edition. “Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme” represents a relevant space to share international vine growing and wine production experiences and knowledge.

Here are some of the topics dealt with in the past edition of the symposium: “A sustainable view on viticulture and oenology” 2016; “Territory as Identity: Landscape Consumption and Conservation” (2015); “Aggregation: Key to the Promotion of a Region and its Products” (2014); “Communication: fundamental Tool in Selling” (2012); “Sustainability in wine world: let’s make a point!” (2011); “Innovation in crisis moments: how to manage it and make it profitable” (2009) and “Wine from Promotion to Commerce” (2007).

Find out all the information about the competition at www.emozionidalmondo.it (enrollment are open until 10th October 2017) and stay up to date with the news on the Facebook Page and Instagram Profile Emozioni dal Mondo and our official hashtag #emozionidalmondo.


Symposium at 12th International Oenological Competition "Emozioni dal Mondo Merlot e Cabernet Insieme" - October 2016 - Bergamo Chamber of Commerce
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