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Valcalepio: il vino dei Bergamaschi

Valcalepio was officially recognized in 1976 when the Regulation was promulgated but its real birth dates back to eight years earlier and to the first vinification tests aimed at choosing the grapes and to the first bottles produced.

As time goes by stories tend to loose some details. It happens when the main characters of those stories leave us letting the memories of the decision taken fade away.
This is why it is so important to create a frame to host those memories. This is necessary to really understand why some decisions were taken.

This is why to celebrate the 35 years of Consorzio Tutela Valcalepio we decided to collect all we could about the past; to show our present situation and to start putting the first step towards our future.

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Il libro: Valcalepio, il vino dei Bergamaschi

This volume also aims at verifying what has been done technologically speaking from the first years up to now and to evaluate what can be done in the future to keep Valcalepio obtaining good results.

Valcalepio The Wine of Bergamaschi is not the first book focused on Bergamo DOC.
The first attempt at collecting data and show the wine production reality in Bergamo dates back to Aldo Quinzani. In his The Bergamasca wines he collected all the data he could find about the production and commercialization of wines in Valcalepio up to the ‘80s.

Two more books marks a progress in collecting data and were edited both in the ‘90s.
The authors are doctor Bruno Marengoni and doctor Marco Marengoni and their books represents two milestones for the history of wine production in Bergamo marking the evolution of Valcalepio from wine to territorial phenomenon.

Vine land in bergamo

This book, edited in 1992, cost many years to dottor Bruno Marengoni.
It is a really specific book where Marengoni created an archive of all the mother stones present on the hilly territory of Bergamo analysis all their characteristics.

Vne and wine

Marco Marengoni’s book was edited in 1996 and represents an interesting analysis on the history of vine growing and wine production in Bergamo.
In his book Marengoni analyzed the evolution of vine growing techniques from Medieval Age up to his time. A really important part of the book focuses on the old vines analyzing them from the first hybrid producers up to today.
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